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A DYNAMIC and EXPERIENCED speaker helping men make an IMPACT at work and at home

About Pastor Ron McKey

Being pastors is more than a career choice for Ron and Carol McKey; it is a calling burning deep inside. It drives them to stay creative and relevant in communicating the life-changing message of Jesus Christ in an ever-changing culture that needs to see, hear and feel the love of God.

With over 40 years experience pastoring children, youth, and adults, they have remained true to their purpose of reaching the entire family.

Ron communicates in a way that speaks to today’s culture, focusing on how to apply Christ’s teachings to our lives, so we can experience God’s incredible purpose each and every day.

Carol works closely with her husband to create and administrate the various ministries and events of Cornerstone Church in Oklahoma. Together, they are committed to pastoring a community.

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Popular Speaking Subject for Event

Men were made by God with a desire to reach the top.

However, oftentimes low level, thinking, low level dreaming and low-level walking and talking hold us back.

Discover how to climb higher and experience greater victory in life.

How many of you remember when? When you had a passion for life, wife, work or whatever? The question is, “what happened?”

Life has a way of both beating us up and beating us down. -making us downsize our dreams, dial back our goals and just shrink back in general.

Find out how to restore the ROAR in your life.

One of the most popular forms of exercise today is Crossfit. This is a fast paced, heavy lifting, heavy cardo, non-stop, high intensity exercise program.

Bodily exercise profits little… This illustrated message challenges men to focus on being
fit…becoming focused on getting into spiritual shape. Becoming “Cross”Fit.

Christian men aren’t to be castigated; they are meant to be celebrated and to be everything God has made them to be.

This message is a wakeup call to your manhood.

This is a powerfully illustrated message on the power of communion.

Great for any men’s meeting or retreat

Your men will walk away with a closer relationship with God.

Who doesn’t love the “man cave”? But did you know that God uses caves to shape our lives?

Caves are dark places, but in the dark places, you pray more, seek more and re-evaluate your priorities.

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Joe McGee

Joe McGee Ministries

"I have had the privilege of knowing my friend, Ron McKey, for many years. Throughout that time, he has been a consistent and loving pastor, friend, husband and father. His example of what it is to be a true man of God is without compromise. It is without hesitation that I would recommend him to share with your church, staff or business. Every time I am around Ron, he blesses me, and I come away a better person."

William A. Mills

IPHC Men’s Ministries Director

"Pastor Ron has a heart for the discipleship of men of all ages. Every gathering of his church's men’s ministry is well-planned and executed with great attention to detail and practical teaching that addresses real life issues. I recommend this ministry to any pastor or men’s leader looking for a prototype of what an effective men’s meeting looks like. I promise you will be blessed."

Tony Cooke

Tony Cooke Ministries

"I have known Ron McKey for more than four decades, and I have always respected his life and ministry. Not only is Ron an excellent communicator, but he has the life to back it up; he is a godly man, husband, father, and pastor.

Ron has a great passion to see men experience the fullness of God in their lives, and he has the skill to motivate men to move in that direction."

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